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Retail/Domestic Flooring

Retail/Domestic systems vary from cementitious coloured designer levelling floors to 3mm self levelling epoxy or our own Contech Terrazzo Flooring system.

The flooring in our living spaces irrespective of being in a residential or commercial set up emerges to be one of the most important aspects of the structure that renders a certain amount of grandeur to it. Designers put a lot of time and effort into choosing the right kind of flooring that would fit a particular area perfectly. A lot of factors are weighed in the process of making this decision. If it is the aesthetic appeal that matters in domestic designer flooring, it is the durability and quality that matters when it comes to commercial designer flooring. It is crucial that all the right conditions are given due importance to make the right choice of flooring that needs to be accomplished.

Commercial Flooring

Industrial designer flooring and retail designer flooring is commonly referred to as commercial flooring. Both of these scenarios require flooring that can withstand a lot of pressure and hoarse handling since commercial areas demand activities that involve the movement of heavy loads. The way in which the floor is handled in industries will vary with variation in cargo handling and other activities in different industries. Thus, it is important to provide immaculate design and specifications that aptly describe your requirements when it comes to industrial designer flooring. Following are some important specifications that should be mentioned in the design and specification:

  • Base materials – materials in the base should be mentioned properly
  • Concrete compressive strength
  • Thickness of the concrete underneath
  • Details related to reinforcements
  • Surface treatment and surface finish of the flooring
  • Compressive strength of the flooring material
  • Any detail regarding the base of the floor

Domestic flooring

Domestic flooring, as the name indicates, is the flooring work done for domestic purposes particularly for homes. In this case, the glamour and appeal of the flooring matter the most. Nicely done flooring can act as an ornament to any home. Only few factors like compressive strength and appearance need to be considered when it comes to the design and specification of domestic designer flooring. For domestic flooring purposes, lack of specification can turn out to be productive sometimes.

If you’re looking for the right kind of flooring to suit your building, we at Concrete Techniques can provide the most versatile and finest quality flooring. From industrial designer flooring to domestic designer flooring, we have got it all. You will get the best flooring service from us that will make your building more attractive and easy to tread on. Below are the reasons that make us pioneers in the field:

  • Broad assortment of services
Retail designer flooring, domestic designer flooring or industrial designer flooring, you name it and we have the whole package to satisfy all your flooring needs.
  • Finest quality materials
Our flooring materials are of the top quality that will ensure toughness and durability for your floors.
  • Expert servicing
Our employees have ample amount of experience (over 25 years) in the field and will take good care of your flooring demands.
  • Timely services
We deliver our services within the specified timeframe without any delays whatsoever.

At our hands, you will avail first-rate flooring services. With experience and expertise in our kitty, we provide flooring solutions that suit your requirements perfectly. Connect with us and get the finest flooring for your home/office now!

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