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Cementitious Levelling

Cementitious levelling can be installed either to level uneven floors or to level & be an ascetic floor also.

We, at Concrete Techniques have been a part of the construction industry for the past 25 years. For all these years, we have collectively worked throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Basin. With a whole lot of experience and collaboration with good product manufacturing companies, we are capable to undertake any project no matter how difficult it might seem. Your construction project is our responsibility once you hire us and our team will provide all their efforts to make your dream turn into reality. You will never regret after choosing us as we are the best in whatever we do. It is our motto to help our customers in gaining best project accomplishments from our end.

Our company, Concrete Techniques offers varied services which are listed below:

  • Producing designer floorings for domestic or retail markets
  • Ground stabilization and grout pumping
  • Epoxy flooring system for food industry
  • Joint rectification
  • Polyurethane pumping and waterproofing
  • Concrete Repair
  • Water reclamation and waste water industry
  • Composing designer flooring into commercial, industrial and retail or domestic sectors

These services are catered to by our highly efficient and experienced team of workmen who make sure everything you plan and design falls to place after construction. You need not worry about any of the details like quality of material used or architecture involved as we revamp your structure to the highest degree of comfort and sustainability.

Cementation Levelling

  • Level uneven floors
  • Level to make an ascetic floor

Under this type of levelling our company, Concrete Techniques offers unblemished services to level all kinds of uneven floorings. With an experience of over twenty five years, you can trust us by awarding any complex project. Our company website provides three images of this levelling that has been done by us in the past to provide you an idea of our seriousness when it comes to completing projects.

Our website will give you an idea about our project on:

  • Firstly, levelling over cement sheets.
  • Secondly, house levelling with epoxies and;
  • Thirdly, on our factory and retail projects

You can trust us with any kind of house levelling or domestic floorings, factory or retail floorings, industrial floorings and commercial floorings. We use high level products to provide complete satisfaction in the work entrusted to us. These products, when combined with our experience, will leave you with unmatched product quality which no one else can provide.

Our works extends beyond boundaries

We have been working with a large number of clients across Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Basin. We have dealt with various kinds of challenging projects over this long tenure and have managed to emerge as the trusted company in this business. We can assist you with the best quality experience so that you will not only be forced to become our permanent yet exclusive customers but also recommend us because we are the best in what we do. So be it any kind of challenging project, our company, Concrete Techniques is up for it to provide you the best results no matter what. Also check out other services.

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