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Joint and Combiflex Rectification Works

These applications are for construction joints that are leaking or construction joints in factories that have deteriorated past the point of an application of polyurethane sealant.

We, at Concrete Techniques, yield you an opportunity to mend the leaking construction joints or the withered away joints in factories or homes by means of a high performance joint combiflex rectification system. The process is suitable for both new work and repair work and is carried out with reasonable experience. Using this technique, all huge water tanks and pipes can be repaired without reconstructing the whole structure. It would cost a lot of money, time and effort to build the same so this rectification system should be used to refurbish whatever is needed in these.

This system has a high joint movement capacity in more than one direction and is easy to install and flexible, maintaining a high quality seal. The Concrete joint rectification is appropriate for both dry and damp concrete surfaces and the combiflex system has a permanent elasticity even at low temperatures. It shows exceptional adhesion to various surfaces and is perfect for joints with very large expansion. The system is also weatherproof and resistant to a wide range of chemicals. The process can be effectuated without the need to remove existing failed sealant and can be internally or externally applied.

Uses of this system

The joint combiflex rectification system is utilised in sealing internal joints in new or revamped concrete water tanks, pipelines, sewers, reservoirs and swimming pools, in the tunnels and culverts, hydro electric and sewage treatment plants, while renovating the basements, the roof joints or the joints in tanks for heating oil etc.

The system is ideal for sealing underwater joints in the water retaining structures and drinking water reservoirs or in large decks of multi-storey car parks and sealing joints with more movement that can be accommodated by conventional sealants. So using these will ensure no leakage and hence will provide a long life to all the equipment used. The manufacturer of this equipment takes a lot of time and is costly, so it must be protected as much as possible by these rectification systems.

About Us

We, at Concrete Techniques, provide a wide range of services for the construction industry ranging from food grade epoxy flooring to epoxy and domestic flooring along with cementitious levelling, concrete joint rectification and waterproofing. We have over twenty five years of experience in providing quality services and catering to the needs of our valuable customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific basin.

With our expertise in the field gained over the years, we have undertaken a number of projects to create and refurbish a number of companies, plants, and markets. We can develop the best tools and processes with the most suitable methods to help companies in the construction industry. Moreover, our products will help in overcoming current obstacles and be prepared for embracing endless opportunities. We provide our customers unequalled services by making available, reliable products in a short span of time. So come forward and allow us to revamp and evaluate your projects with unmatched skills and eminent services.

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