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Industrial Epoxy Flooring Applications

These applications are typically installed into industrial environments such as waste water industry, where safety is paramount to the employer, chemical producers.

Floors are one of the most under appreciated and forgotten components of a stable building. Industrial floors especially undergo innumerable chances of wear and tear, with thermal shocks, heavy impacts, abrasions and chemical attacks. Concrete floors alone cannot take this abuse without corrosion or contamination from the chemical and mechanical processes, which can prove to create a hazardous environment for you, your employees, and your products and services. As per recent experiments and studies, the best way to insure your factory, your brand and yourself against accidents, is to install a protective system to suit different areas of applications as per your own needs and requirements. This is why Concrete Techniques is offering a large range of coating systems with Epoxy compounds to ensure your floors provide the best functionality to your plant.

What is Industrial Epoxy Flooring?

Industrial Epoxy Flooring is the process by which chemical epoxies are used to adhere, insulate, conduct or even bond industrial machinery and floors in order to speed up the process and improve efficiency. Epoxy coatings are created through the ‘curing’ process of reacting epoxide resin with a polyamine hardener, turning the liquid epoxy into an extremely durable solid layer. This procedure specifically utilizes epoxies that are polyepoxides, known for their fast reactions to create multifunctional thermosetting polymers with high mechanical and chemical resisting properties.

While Epoxy itself has a large spectrum of applications like metal coatings, electrical insulators, structural adhesives, etc. because of its famous fixative properties, heat and chemical resistance and electrical insulating properties, Industrial Epoxy Flooring is especially useful in creating a risk free environment by coating, insulating and preserving the industrial floors of several manufacturing and industrial plants, stores, warehouses, hospitals, etc. Not only is Epoxy beneficial for its low volatility and easy water clean-up, its industrial coatings can also be used to prevent steel structure corrosions and diminish fire hazards, as compared to latex based coatings.

What is Vinyl Flooring?

While there are other flooring substitutes in the market like vinyl flooring, which act as a cost efficient substitute to concrete and ceramic grounds, and are more environment friendly because of low maintenance and recyclable abilities, Industrial Epoxy Flooring is the better option for industrial usage. Additionally, looks-wise, it leaves behind a glossy, expensive finish that is available in a wide variety of styles and colours. Other industrial decorative options can include chip flooring and aggregate flooring with the Epoxy foundation, to ensure your plant is easy to clean, chemically resistant, and a 100% safe environment for employees to work hard in.

Why choose Concrete Techniques?

At Concrete Techniques, we guarantee high quality and high finish to your floors with our state of the art, durable, Epoxy flooring compounds and techniques. Concrete Techniques also provides expertise and professional applications of industrial vinyl flooring and commercial vinyl flooring. We offer competitive prices, professional advice and alternative solutions to your every construction question, so choose Concrete Techniques to make sure you’re at your very best. Also check other services.

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