Concrete Techniques
Australia . Asia . New Zealand


Concrete Techniques has been in the construction industry for 25 years collectively throughout Australia, New Zealand & the South Pacific Basin.

The experience gained coupled with the cooperation of good product manufacturing companies enables us to undertake & execute even the most difficult of projects; Concrete Techniques is able to provide our clients with a one stop point of contracting, unequalled in our industry.

We are able to provide our customers with specifications backed by reliable product manufacturers, and the combination of onsite employees with unmatched skills in this industry.

Our aim is to provide our clients with specific products to complete their project within the timeframe that is available.

Concrete Techniques can offer the following applications/systems:

  • Epoxy flooring systems for the food industry
  • Designer flooring systems for the retail/domestic market
  • Grout pumping & ground stabilisation works
  • Joint rectification works
  • Waterproofing & polyurethane pumping
  • Concrete Repairr
  • Waste Water & water reclamation industry
  • Designer flooring systems into the industrial, commercial & retail/domestic sectors

We have developed a proven formula from our years of experience, coupled with unequalled service for our clientele and the best possible products and advice for all projects.

If we can help with any upcoming projects you may have, we would be happy to give you advice & a no obligation quotation for you.