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McCain Foods

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Concrete Techniques have a long relationship with McCain Foods to refurbish and improve their current flooring systems. We install anywhere from 6mm – 150mm of various food grade flooring systems and provide repairs and ongoing maintenance to their floors. It is very important to McCain Foods that they have an impervious flooring system which is non-slip, without trip hazards and can handle every day mechanical wear and tear.


eastern treatment plant room 012

Eastern Treatment Plant

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Geotechnical Engineering employed us to supply a system suitable for the Eastern Treatment Plants new SAP building. The systems needed to adhere to several codes within the building of treatment plants, including treatment of sewage and waste, slip resistant and seamless requirements. We supplied an epoxy system that included skimming walls and floors to eliminate cavities and defects achieving the appropriate epoxy seamless flooring system to comply with their standards.

Echuca WRP 031

Echuca Reclamation Project

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Concrete Techniques performed a large and very complicated project at Echuca WRP for head contractor McConnell Dowell. The project involved applying approximately 1200 sqm of concrete repair followed by a cementitious moisture barrier and the application of a chemical resistant epoxy to prevent eroding of the concrete from the Reclamation process. This work was completed using scissor lifts and booms due to the height and the nature of the project.


Boral Masonry

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Boral Masonry approached Concrete Techniques with concerns relating to the safety of employees while operating machinery and walking throughout their plant. The consensus was that a long-term safety solution would be put in place. The top of the substrate was removed by us and replaced with a long-term coating system that would eliminate other associated problems. Allocated walkways were instituted throughout the plant for the safety of people sharing the same space as forklifts while providing a non-slip system to eliminate workplace injuries.


British American Tobacco

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British American Tobacco required a system of flooring that could be easily cleaned and would handle extreme heat and mechanical wear and tear. We used a Sikafloor-21 PurCem to address all of their needs. Despite other details including sending all materials, consumables, tools and equipment and labour to Fiji, where the contract was, we returned the floor before our deadline and succeeded in providing B.A.T. with their requested system.

west foots market 5

West Footscray Market

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Concrete Techniques was contracted by Probuild Constructions to install a flooring system that would take the wear & tear of everyday normal foot traffic.

The floor was designed by the specification writers, including an input from Sika Australia & Concrete Techniques.

The job was completed on time without any problems & is still there today providing a good non-slip flooring system that meets all the requirements of the retail standards of today’s industry.

All products were supplied by Sika Australia.


Tripod Food Industry Floor

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Concrete Techniques was contracted by Tripod Farmers to provide a food industry epoxy flooring system enabling them to perform food manufacturing.

This was a straight forward project; the project was a 6mm towelled floor with different coloured top coats to identify different working & production areas for staff.

All thought the project was big using approx 25 tonnes of mixed epoxy it went smoothly & completed the project on time.

Tripod Farmers were very happy & continue to manufacture to this day on their new floor.


Shop Floors

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Concrete Techniques has a long history in retail & domestic flooring industry, the attached photos are only a few of the many projects we have undertaken.

Most of these floors will either be one of the following systems or a combination of all:

  • Removal of existing flooring products, i.e. carpet, tiles or epoxy flooring.
  • Cementitious levelling.
  • Designer flooring systems.
  • Self levelling epoxies.
  • Some of our more notable clients are:
  • Roger David.
  • NGV.
  • Harvey Norman.
  • Wooz.
  • Ripcurl.
  • Polka Dot.

Roger David Pacific Fair

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Concrete Techniques was contracted by M.R Shopfittings, Roger David’s shopfitter to refurbish the Pacific Fair Roger David.

Normally these retail Shop fit outs are not too difficult but this floor had a few surprises installed for us.

We were to install a self-levelling epoxy over the existing substrate which was tiles, but on arrival we found the floor was not sound & the tiles were Infact drummy (Not adhered to the concrete base).

So we had to remove all the tiles, leveller & glue & start the whole process again.

Then because of the height problem with removing the tiles we had to level the floor, once we had done this process we set about laying the Roger David flooring system which we had designed for their shops.

As you can see the floor turned out great & still looks fantastic.

All products supplied by Sika Australia.


Rocklands Carp Traps

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Concrete Techniques was contracted by Bell Environmental & Rocla Pipeline Products to complete a project at Rocklands Reservoir, Rocklands.

A scope of works was completed by Sika Australia the material supplier & Concrete Techniques the contractor.

The project incorporated the following applications into the Crap Traps to eliminate any Carp getting into & breeding in our waterways:

  • Preparation to existing substrates.
  • Mechanical pumping of grout.
  • Crack injection works.
  • Sikadur Combiflex.
  • All products supplied by Sika Australia.